History of the company

1955 Family Kepa

1960 The first truck transport of sand in the village

1970 Transport of sand by tractor – manual loading

1980 Transport of sand by tractor – manual loading

1980 Bulldozer extraction of sand

1981 Male representatives of the Kepa family

1984 The father is already getting his son to work in the quarry

1993 The first crawler loader

1997 The first loader on tires

1998 The first excavator

1998 The first sand crusher

1999 The first planter

2000 The first sand truck

2002 Renovated loader and new excavator

2002 The first 4-axle truck

2002 The first trailer

2002 All machines put together

2003 The first tractor to transport sand

2004 Father Martin moved from the tractor to the Unimog

2005 Quarrying is destroying agriculture

2007 A new office building replaced the barn

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